2015: Whisper and Howl

L.A. Signal Lab’s debut program, “Whisper & Howl” showcases the unique voices of its founding composers through four newly commissioned works. Dan Marschak’s lushly orchestrated Coalesce and Hitomi Oba’s dynamic With Bare Feet both explore the borderline between notation and improvisation in a chamber music setting, while Nick DePinna’s Aqua Corelli re-imagines a sonata by Arcangelo Corelli as an underwater suite for electronics, piano, strings, saxophone, and jazz harmonica. Finally, Noah Meites’s People Find it Difficult to Resist Your Persuasive Manner, a solo piece for bassist/soprano Maggie Hasspacher, sets a text by award-winning Los Angeles poet Jeremy Schmidt based on 10 years worth of fortune cookies.

Our studio recording of “Whisper and Howl” is available for purchase.

L.A. Signal Lab: “Whisper & Howl” was supported by New Music USA, made possible by annual program support and/or endowment gifts from Helen F. Whitaker Fund, Aaron Copland Fund for Music.